Friday, June 6, 2008

My Pictures (title by Ella)

We picked these flowers for you Mommy and you loved them. They are pink, like my underwear.We went outside and we play. And we eat our dinner and sometimes Mommy gives us lunch. Spiders are disgusting and a HUGE one lives in the lady bug box, but we kill the ants they are small and crawl up my leg.My Daddy he loves me so much and we play together. He's at the hossypital playing with the animals. I maybe can have a baby sheep from the animal center.We wear them for dress up and put our clothes on with them. My favorite dress up is Belle or Aerial. But we can't take our clothes off. When we play dress up we have to put them over our clothes. No one wants to see our pirates (privates).
Mai holds her bunny and she cries and mommy and daddy take of her and I take care of her too. She loves her bunny and Snugs (her cow) totally.I play with it and it's a toy. I play singing time with it. Sometimes Mailee puts snacks in it and I tell her "No! No!" and one time I pushed her and then I had to go to time out and say sorry.That's you mommy! You love me. You take pictures of 27 people. Sometimes I run away becaue I don't like pictures all of the time. I like to push the button.I made them for my birthday. See the loooooong string? We have to hurry and make invitations for my birthday. I am going to be 4 mom! I'm older now! Can we go to Disneyland for my birthday PLEEEEASE mom? I love Disneyland and Utah.