Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I love having real tea parties with my friends. I put on my ball gown and Mom gets fishies, marshmallows, chocolates, fruit snacks and other yummies for our party. Then we present the princesses and make a toast.I am making a masterpiece out of my house. I have a fireplace inside and other fun stuffs. I tell Mailee not to scribble-scrabble on it but to draw pretty and what you feel...sometimes she does, but mostly she doesn't.I know how to start the DVD's and if I push the heart button I have all my favorite channels that I can read. I really think Phineas and Ferb is super funny and one time I saw how an orange crayon was made on Sesame Street.My princess bath toys are super fun. They are on the counter because Dad put them in timeout because we were pretending that they were peeing on us (you squeeze them and water comes out). It wasn't a very good choice.

Strawberry toothpaste is yummy. Carly C said one time she was at her Grandma's house and she forgot her toothbrush but it's okay because she just closed her mouth all night so no germs could go in. Germs make cavities.Reading is great. Sometimes it's quiet and we are all reading, well except for Mailee because she pretends to read and doesn't do it right because she's 3. She's still learning and I have to have the patience with her.These are Mom's pretties. Some I can put on and some I can't touch. I like to look in her drawer and watch her put on her makeup. Sometimes she lets me use a brush on my cheeks too.Silly Mailee! She's my best friend. She's ex-josting (exhausting). She can't wear that hat into the bath right mom?I like to hide in the pantry and scare Dad when he comes home from fixing animals.Erica:"Why is my face like that?"
Ella: "Because I kept taking pictures of your face and you didn't like it"
Erica: "Yup"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This is Mailee. She's so cute. She's in the playroom and she totally looks so cute with her piggy braids. Look at the beautiful tea set. I'm bigger and older than her so she has to listen to me.The barbie dollhouse. I took a picture of it because it looks so great. We play with it when I get home from school. Barbie's aren't mom's favorite.I took a picture of the scriptures. We read them every morning. Today we read about good and evil and how to choose the right even in zizition (opposition).Aww...you and Mailee holding a baby. If you sniff the head of the baby it totally smells like a baby. Mom says it smells stinky and it's not what a baby smells like. Hahaha, look at Mailee's face, what's wrong with her eyes?That's a picture of the cheese bread. Cheese bread is so yummy. I sometimes ask for it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks too. It has little circles of cheese.I take a picture of daddy leaving (behind the grill). He's going to work to make money for our house. He takes care of animals. Cats and dogs. Mom totally doesn't like kitties, but it's okay if I do.Cinderella looks totally super beautiful. The bottle is for my pet sheep but sometimes Mailee sucks on it and I get super angry at her. Then I hit her one time and had to sit in time out for 5 minutes.That's the temple. It's a baby size, it's not real. When I get older I want to get married there to not daddy. Oh I know...to Tanner!

Mailee likes to take my camera. Sometimes we fight. She always erases my pictures and I totally get super sad and I ask her not to do that but she does it sneaky. Sometimes I let her take turns. She gets fifty-one-hundred minutes and then it's my turn.

-----*Mailee took the following 2 pictures and provided the picture description*-----
Mom that's you and my sister. I have a Hello Kitty necklace too. It's pink....I'll go get it. Can I sleep with my necklace too?That's my coloring. I color it red. I like to do crafts. Can I sleep with my paper too?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I got some new fancy shoes. They are like treasures so shiny but not with sparkles. Sometimes I can wear them to school. They are my favoritest shoes ever!That's my baby sister. She likes the punkin cookies we made on a tray. They are hot and you have to blow on them. We have ghost ones too but Mommy says we have to wait because we have too many treats. A ghost says "BOO" and well I don't know what a punkin says.Mommy that's your fingers. They are spooky. I can have my fingers painted if I cut my nails because they scratch and are nasty but I can't have spooky purple because it's too dark for my fingers.Mommy holded me up to take a picture of our birdie. Shes just pretend but I think she loves me. I got sleeping beauty stuffs to color with so Mommy and Daddy could watch President Monson so I could be quiet. President Monson is the new prophet because President Hinckley died 7 days ago. Mailee has a sleeping beauty book too but sometimes she colors on mine.It rained and the super big puddles are on my house. I got to splash in them. It was so cold and I got the carpet dirty. You can't jump in the puddles at the library with your shoes on cause Mommy will be very disappointed in you okay?Mommy has Belle earrings. They are yellow like Belle's dress. They are flowers. Mailee had one and put it in the potty. Mommy can be like Belle!That's my baby sister. Hey...she's wearing the earring we got from Chucky Cheese. I have to earn this many stars (holds up five fingers) to go to Chukcy Cheese. We went there in Utah. I ate pizza and got tickets stomping on the snakessssssssss.I love Dolly. It's her birthday in eleven-ty days. I have a recipe for her cake and she's sick right now. Sometimes she has to take a bath in the washer and she's so hot and smells good after.I told mommy to take a picture of my soccer ball and me. I love soccer like daddy and mommy. I can "driggle" (dribble) the ball but sometimes I can't kick it too hard inside. Mommy likes to play with my soccer ball when she is on the phone. She driggles it too.HEY ewwwwwww that's Drew. He's picking his nose. Sometimes I sneeze and get a tissue and then I blow. Drew is silly. He's my best boy.

Friday, June 6, 2008

My Pictures (title by Ella)

We picked these flowers for you Mommy and you loved them. They are pink, like my underwear.We went outside and we play. And we eat our dinner and sometimes Mommy gives us lunch. Spiders are disgusting and a HUGE one lives in the lady bug box, but we kill the ants they are small and crawl up my leg.My Daddy he loves me so much and we play together. He's at the hossypital playing with the animals. I maybe can have a baby sheep from the animal center.We wear them for dress up and put our clothes on with them. My favorite dress up is Belle or Aerial. But we can't take our clothes off. When we play dress up we have to put them over our clothes. No one wants to see our pirates (privates).
Mai holds her bunny and she cries and mommy and daddy take of her and I take care of her too. She loves her bunny and Snugs (her cow) totally.I play with it and it's a toy. I play singing time with it. Sometimes Mailee puts snacks in it and I tell her "No! No!" and one time I pushed her and then I had to go to time out and say sorry.That's you mommy! You love me. You take pictures of 27 people. Sometimes I run away becaue I don't like pictures all of the time. I like to push the button.I made them for my birthday. See the loooooong string? We have to hurry and make invitations for my birthday. I am going to be 4 mom! I'm older now! Can we go to Disneyland for my birthday PLEEEEASE mom? I love Disneyland and Utah.

Friday, February 29, 2008


The sky is hot because of the sun. It is blue today and not cloudy. I jumped in the water . Mommy let us play outside. She had to take pictures of me and gave me chocolate. We jumped on our shadows like Peter Pan.
That's you mama! After...after...after you take pictures of me I ate chocolate with my babysister and then..and then...then I took pictures of you. I am a picture taker just like you Mama!
We went to the special library by my school for story time. I had to leave my camera in the car. We can't take it inside because Mama said no. I had fruit snacks and sang songs.


That is Savannah. She is soo pretty in Cinderella. She is my friend and she loves me. I love her so much and I miss her. Her Mommy had a baby again. He mommy is soo pretty like me and my baby sister and you mama and daddy too!
Debbi is cleaning up my room. She is Gage's mommy. Noah was sick and I prayed for him. He is so little and makes me silly.
My doll! that's my doll!
Amamals cards. I put them in a line for my princesses. "A" says "ahhhh" mom! A,E,I, O, U, are vowels and they are sticky glue for the letters.

That is my kitchen. I make a recipe for my friends. My baby sister can't play with my recipes. She takes my food and makes a mess. Mommy tells me to share because I go to time out because I pushed Mailee.

sharing bag

That's Miss Jen. I had the stuff for the sharing bag. I take my camera to school 'cause Santa gave it to me. I showed my friends my camera in circle time. Miss Jen let me take a picture.