Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This is Mailee. She's so cute. She's in the playroom and she totally looks so cute with her piggy braids. Look at the beautiful tea set. I'm bigger and older than her so she has to listen to me.The barbie dollhouse. I took a picture of it because it looks so great. We play with it when I get home from school. Barbie's aren't mom's favorite.I took a picture of the scriptures. We read them every morning. Today we read about good and evil and how to choose the right even in zizition (opposition).Aww...you and Mailee holding a baby. If you sniff the head of the baby it totally smells like a baby. Mom says it smells stinky and it's not what a baby smells like. Hahaha, look at Mailee's face, what's wrong with her eyes?That's a picture of the cheese bread. Cheese bread is so yummy. I sometimes ask for it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks too. It has little circles of cheese.I take a picture of daddy leaving (behind the grill). He's going to work to make money for our house. He takes care of animals. Cats and dogs. Mom totally doesn't like kitties, but it's okay if I do.Cinderella looks totally super beautiful. The bottle is for my pet sheep but sometimes Mailee sucks on it and I get super angry at her. Then I hit her one time and had to sit in time out for 5 minutes.That's the temple. It's a baby size, it's not real. When I get older I want to get married there to not daddy. Oh I know...to Tanner!

Mailee likes to take my camera. Sometimes we fight. She always erases my pictures and I totally get super sad and I ask her not to do that but she does it sneaky. Sometimes I let her take turns. She gets fifty-one-hundred minutes and then it's my turn.

-----*Mailee took the following 2 pictures and provided the picture description*-----
Mom that's you and my sister. I have a Hello Kitty necklace too. It's pink....I'll go get it. Can I sleep with my necklace too?That's my coloring. I color it red. I like to do crafts. Can I sleep with my paper too?


A Different Drum said...

Very good pictures Ella! I love your doll house, it looks like so much fun!

Dad said...

Great pictures! Keep posting to your blog (remind mom to do that for you). I miss you! We'll see you next week for Uncle Sean's wedding!

Love ya,


Melia said...

I love to see your pictures, Ella. How nice of you to share with Mailee and let her take pictures with your camera.

I am glad that you have such fun with your toys.

Aunt Melia

Pattersons said...

anything with circles of cheese sounds good to me:) tanner huh? i'd say he's a good choice!

shelly said...

Wow! You're such a good photographer, Ella! You don't know me but I think you're very creative and beautiful and funny, too! Oh! I'm the one that made that funny monster doll that you guys got in the mail.
Keep up the good work. Love it!

KC and Lana dee said...

I had to laugh because Breckyn says she will marry Tanner too!! Don't worry we'll probably move away before to long and you'll have him all to yourself! :)