Friday, February 29, 2008


The sky is hot because of the sun. It is blue today and not cloudy. I jumped in the water . Mommy let us play outside. She had to take pictures of me and gave me chocolate. We jumped on our shadows like Peter Pan.
That's you mama! After...after...after you take pictures of me I ate chocolate with my babysister and then..and then...then I took pictures of you. I am a picture taker just like you Mama!
We went to the special library by my school for story time. I had to leave my camera in the car. We can't take it inside because Mama said no. I had fruit snacks and sang songs.


Kristan said...

Ella you are a great photographer! Maybe I will have to book a session with you! :) I LOVE your camera too. Way cute!

The Perry Family said...

i love your pictures ella! so great!

Debbi said...

oh no - the special library makes it sound "special" ahhahah! I love it!

Shar said...

Good pictures Ella. I liked the "special" library comment too.

Jennifer said...

Hi Ella! I like your pictures and you definitely need to take more of your pretty mommy since she never has pictures of herself on her blog =) You take very fun pictures and explain them very well!

Mary said...

This is so cute! Ella, you are a child PRODIGY! What great pictures! And Erica, you are the world's funnest mom!

Ella said...

Ella your pictures are wonderful! How ironic we both take photos.

What's your favorite camera? I find using 1600 speed film to capture quick moving objects is the best and for other things I shoot and more. What type of tele- photo lense do you use? I have several cameras I use for my photos.

Do you use digtal or film. If you have digtal camera what type is it? I love mine. What type of camera do you use, and if an "oldie but goodie",(I have several of those too). I only use one type of film for old cameras.
I recently starting posting mounds of photos I have due to an electical problem that required replacement of many items in my home. Due to a cut power line. It happens.

I'm adding this to my favorites.
Good luck your work is awesome.