Friday, February 29, 2008


That is Savannah. She is soo pretty in Cinderella. She is my friend and she loves me. I love her so much and I miss her. Her Mommy had a baby again. He mommy is soo pretty like me and my baby sister and you mama and daddy too!
Debbi is cleaning up my room. She is Gage's mommy. Noah was sick and I prayed for him. He is so little and makes me silly.
My doll! that's my doll!
Amamals cards. I put them in a line for my princesses. "A" says "ahhhh" mom! A,E,I, O, U, are vowels and they are sticky glue for the letters.

That is my kitchen. I make a recipe for my friends. My baby sister can't play with my recipes. She takes my food and makes a mess. Mommy tells me to share because I go to time out because I pushed Mailee.


Debbi said...

I had no idea she took that picture of me - so are any of gage's bum pictures going to make the blog? ahaha! I love the diaolog about time out and her recipes!

allison said...

Cute pictures Ella. Savannah got a camara just like yours for Christmas too. But before I could down load them she erased them. Keep taking good pictures like your mom.

memeblogger said...

Ella, you are such a great picture taker, just like your mom!
I love the picture of your mom, and your school picture.