Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I got some new fancy shoes. They are like treasures so shiny but not with sparkles. Sometimes I can wear them to school. They are my favoritest shoes ever!That's my baby sister. She likes the punkin cookies we made on a tray. They are hot and you have to blow on them. We have ghost ones too but Mommy says we have to wait because we have too many treats. A ghost says "BOO" and well I don't know what a punkin says.Mommy that's your fingers. They are spooky. I can have my fingers painted if I cut my nails because they scratch and are nasty but I can't have spooky purple because it's too dark for my fingers.Mommy holded me up to take a picture of our birdie. Shes just pretend but I think she loves me. I got sleeping beauty stuffs to color with so Mommy and Daddy could watch President Monson so I could be quiet. President Monson is the new prophet because President Hinckley died 7 days ago. Mailee has a sleeping beauty book too but sometimes she colors on mine.It rained and the super big puddles are on my house. I got to splash in them. It was so cold and I got the carpet dirty. You can't jump in the puddles at the library with your shoes on cause Mommy will be very disappointed in you okay?Mommy has Belle earrings. They are yellow like Belle's dress. They are flowers. Mailee had one and put it in the potty. Mommy can be like Belle!That's my baby sister. Hey...she's wearing the earring we got from Chucky Cheese. I have to earn this many stars (holds up five fingers) to go to Chukcy Cheese. We went there in Utah. I ate pizza and got tickets stomping on the snakessssssssss.I love Dolly. It's her birthday in eleven-ty days. I have a recipe for her cake and she's sick right now. Sometimes she has to take a bath in the washer and she's so hot and smells good after.I told mommy to take a picture of my soccer ball and me. I love soccer like daddy and mommy. I can "driggle" (dribble) the ball but sometimes I can't kick it too hard inside. Mommy likes to play with my soccer ball when she is on the phone. She driggles it too.HEY ewwwwwww that's Drew. He's picking his nose. Sometimes I sneeze and get a tissue and then I blow. Drew is silly. He's my best boy.