Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I love having real tea parties with my friends. I put on my ball gown and Mom gets fishies, marshmallows, chocolates, fruit snacks and other yummies for our party. Then we present the princesses and make a toast.I am making a masterpiece out of my house. I have a fireplace inside and other fun stuffs. I tell Mailee not to scribble-scrabble on it but to draw pretty and what you feel...sometimes she does, but mostly she doesn't.I know how to start the DVD's and if I push the heart button I have all my favorite channels that I can read. I really think Phineas and Ferb is super funny and one time I saw how an orange crayon was made on Sesame Street.My princess bath toys are super fun. They are on the counter because Dad put them in timeout because we were pretending that they were peeing on us (you squeeze them and water comes out). It wasn't a very good choice.

Strawberry toothpaste is yummy. Carly C said one time she was at her Grandma's house and she forgot her toothbrush but it's okay because she just closed her mouth all night so no germs could go in. Germs make cavities.Reading is great. Sometimes it's quiet and we are all reading, well except for Mailee because she pretends to read and doesn't do it right because she's 3. She's still learning and I have to have the patience with her.These are Mom's pretties. Some I can put on and some I can't touch. I like to look in her drawer and watch her put on her makeup. Sometimes she lets me use a brush on my cheeks too.Silly Mailee! She's my best friend. She's ex-josting (exhausting). She can't wear that hat into the bath right mom?I like to hide in the pantry and scare Dad when he comes home from fixing animals.Erica:"Why is my face like that?"
Ella: "Because I kept taking pictures of your face and you didn't like it"
Erica: "Yup"