Thursday, January 17, 2008


This is my puking bowl. I was sick. I puked. Mommy cleaned it up. She scrubbed and scrubbed. Ewwwww, puking makes me sad. I dance. And, ...and...I watch it on the tv. And Bella leads. My favorite is Ariel, she's sooo beautiful. Daddy is eating his dinner. Good job Daddy! And...and...Daddy opens the door and comes in from school and...and...we eat our dinner...and if I take two more bites I get a popsicle. And then we dance and sing silly and read stories. I draw some pictures for my friends. That's a picture of Ella Grover. I love to color. Mailee feels better. And...and...ummm...I help Mailee. She needs to share. Sometimes she cries and she cant throw her food off her chair onto the matt.

Monday, January 14, 2008


I told Mommy to take a picture of me and Mailee and Mama. We had to squish. Mailee has her bink in her mouth. Mama has huge eyes.I took this by myself. I love to take pictures. Mama say CHEESE. Mailee is my baby sister.


I like to ask my Mommy to take pictures of both of us together. We're so silly!This is Daddy. He's giving Mailee "loves".That's Mailee's head. She's my little sister. My Mom is so cute. Her hair is sooo long!