Friday, February 29, 2008


The sky is hot because of the sun. It is blue today and not cloudy. I jumped in the water . Mommy let us play outside. She had to take pictures of me and gave me chocolate. We jumped on our shadows like Peter Pan.
That's you mama! After...after...after you take pictures of me I ate chocolate with my babysister and then..and then...then I took pictures of you. I am a picture taker just like you Mama!
We went to the special library by my school for story time. I had to leave my camera in the car. We can't take it inside because Mama said no. I had fruit snacks and sang songs.


That is Savannah. She is soo pretty in Cinderella. She is my friend and she loves me. I love her so much and I miss her. Her Mommy had a baby again. He mommy is soo pretty like me and my baby sister and you mama and daddy too!
Debbi is cleaning up my room. She is Gage's mommy. Noah was sick and I prayed for him. He is so little and makes me silly.
My doll! that's my doll!
Amamals cards. I put them in a line for my princesses. "A" says "ahhhh" mom! A,E,I, O, U, are vowels and they are sticky glue for the letters.

That is my kitchen. I make a recipe for my friends. My baby sister can't play with my recipes. She takes my food and makes a mess. Mommy tells me to share because I go to time out because I pushed Mailee.

sharing bag

That's Miss Jen. I had the stuff for the sharing bag. I take my camera to school 'cause Santa gave it to me. I showed my friends my camera in circle time. Miss Jen let me take a picture.

Trip to Old McDonald's

We eat our lunch from Old McDonald's. I don't like pickles. I eat a cheeseburger and fries with apple juice and my baby sister loves chicken nuggets and fries. We don't need toys because we have lots of toys at home. Sometimes I get a toy.